Meet HGTV’s The Laundry Guy: From Toy Washing Machine to Laundry Legend

Dec 27, 2023, 12:00 PM

In the world of laundry, Patric Richardson stands as a revolutionary force, turning the everyday task of washing clothes into an art form. His extraordinary journey began with a simple gift—a toy washing machine from Santa, sparking a lifelong passion that has transformed laundry routines worldwide.


Voted best-dressed in his school years and armed with a degree in Merchandising Apparel and Textiles from the University of Kentucky, Patric's career in luxury fashion at McAlpins, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom laid the groundwork for his unique perspective on clothing care. Two crucial lessons emerged: the joy of incredible clothes and the belief that every garment, regardless of its price tag, deserves meticulous care at home.



a man wearing a red checked shirt standing in front of a large shelf



In 2013, Patric opened Mona Williams, a designer vintage store featuring a curated collection of fine laundry products. The venture garnered attention from the Minneapolis/St. Paul community, propelling Patric into the captivating world of laundry and clothing care.


The laundry revolution truly took off with the introduction of Patric's sought-after Laundry Camps, inspiring a best-selling book, "Laundry Love," and the HGTV and Discovery+ show, "The Laundry Guy." Patric's expertise has earned him recognition from national and international media, solidifying his status as a laundry legend.


In a recent Q&A session, Patric shared insights into his laundry philosophy and favorite things.


Home Gadget Every Homeowner Should Have: "I couldn’t do laundry without a horsehair brush. They get softer when wet, making them safe for cashmere and silk, yet strong enough to tackle serious stains."


Trickiest Stain to Get Out: "Lipstick or Barbeque…They are both oily and complex, and in both cases, the higher the quality, the harder to remove!"


a walk in closet with black and white shoe boxes above and folded stacks of clothes on the shelf



Most Underrated Cleaning Product:
"VINEGAR! I love it for so many things, it is perfect to remove oily stains in the laundry and then clean the laundry room!"


Best Home Purchase Under $100: "A steamer, but an all-purpose one, you can use it to clean the house, and it will have an adapter to steam clothes. So all-purpose."


Favorite Part of Doing Laundry: "I love the whole process for 2 reasons, first, it makes whoever you are doing laundry for (including yourself) happy; second, it gives me such a sense of satisfaction."


Don't miss the chance to see Patric Richardson at the 2024 Salt Lake Home Show, presented by Mountain America Credit Union, live on the Design Stage, where he'll share laughter and insights into his extraordinary journey. Join us on Friday, Jan. 5, at 5 p.m., and Saturday, Jan. 6, at 3 p.m., as Patric proves that from a toy washing machine to a laundry legend, the magic of laundry is a story worth sharing.