My Utah Air

My Utah Air
281 S Vineyard Rd
Orem UT 84059
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Company Description:

We market an air cleaner, an air purifier, and a car purifier that all use water as a filter to remove the pollutants from our indoor air! All of our products produce natural negative ions, so there is NO harmful Ozone!

Natural negative ions have many health benefits, such as, helping with allergies, asthma, headaches, insomnia, auto-immune, anxiety, stress and so much more! Natural negative ions also bring dust levels down in the home.

Natural negative ions also help to reduce dangerous EMFs (electro-magnetic field) created from so many of our electronic appliances and equipment, including WiFi and cell phones.

In our vehicles, there are many EMFs created from our radio, satallite radio, car play, bluetooth, cell phones, heater, air conditioning, etc. EMF exposure causes stress, anxiety, headaches, lack of focus, dizziness, tiredness and much more!

Since our air cleaner and air purifiers all use water as a filter, water can also be used as a diffuser. We call this "natural cold diffusion", so there is NO Ozone byproduct. We have our own line of fragrances that were designed to be used in our products to fragrance the air. You can actually add fresh flowers, fresh fruit, fresh herbs and diffuse their pure essential oil naturally, in the moving water.

Show Specials:

Right now, our company is trying to get exposure, so we are offering one of our air purifiers for watching our demo and having the air cleaner used in one room for free. There is no purchase necessary, we just want everyone to know about our products

Certifications & Awards

Certifications: AHAM, AFAA, URB


Show Deals Five Year Exhibitor