MicroCirculation For Life

MicroCirculation For Life
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Company Description:

* AVACEN Medical Inc. is a 14 year old company began in 2009
* FDA Cleared Class 2 Medical Device & CE Marked
* Made in Carlsbad, California, USA
* Invented at Stanford University
* 17 U.S. & International Patents
* AVACEN has over 25 million safe treatments

AVACEN is used by NASA Astronauts, Navy Seals & Olympic Athletes
Used by medical professionals and consumers around the word. AVACEN is for everyone, Baby Boomers, athletes, healthcare professionals, young adults & children.

FDA Cleared Class 2 for; minor muscle pain, joint pain & stiffness, joint pain associated with arthritis, muscle spasms,
strains & sprains, muscle relaxation, & temporary increase of local circulation.

Clinical Studies on Fibromyalgia, Diabetes, Diabetic Wound Healing, Cardiovascular Research, Autism, Plantar Fasciitis, AVACEN and Brain Research.

AVACEN is the "Holy Grail" for Our Health & Longevity because
Our Oxygen consumption is limited by Our Blood Flow!

New Products

AVACEN Home Medical Device, AVACEN Home+ Medical Device, AVACEN Home XL Medical Device, AVACEN PRO+ Medical Device for Doctors and Hospitals, andAVACEN Cardiac & Stress Screening Medical Device for Doctors and Hospitals.

Certifications & Awards

FDA Cleared Class 2 Medical Device, MedTech Outlook - Top 10 Pain Management Device Company for 2022, Featured in Top Doctor Magazine - 2022, Frost & Sullivan Award for Fibromyalgia Pain Relief, 2022 State of California Innovation Award

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