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Nature Hill NV
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Company Description:

In the last few years, we are witnessing a sharp tendency of going healthy. Organic products are everywhere these days, people reading labels, gyms are packed, more and more people are choosing to go Vegan, and fortunately it looks like this approach is here to stay.

We are here to guide you through the process of becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life, love yourself and love our planet, make positive changes and promote your self-growth. To make sure you have the above it's essential we enrich your knowledge and present you with an abundance of ideas, combinations and recommendations to choose from. We want to keep you updated on new, natural ingredients and how they will positively affect the health of you, your family and community - that's what we call “freedom of choice”.

Our skin is the body's largest, smartest and most responsive organ, what goes on our skin is absorbed into our bodies. On average, a person using synthetic skincare will apply 168 chemicals every day. We can no longer ignore the growing evidence of the harmful cumulative effect of these chemicals on our health. Our vision is to create skin care products that nourish your skin naturally and are handcrafted in small batches using the finest ingredients and pure oils and herbs for their aromas and healing properties.

Your skin is a living, breathing organ and absorbs what you put on it. Our mission is to make you aware of what you put on it may have an impact on your health and environment and to give you a better option to take care of your health. It’s all about what makes you feel your best and how you want to express yourself.

We make healthy and quality lifestyle and products made from the bottom of our hearts in USA for people all over the globe. By doing so, we distribute the philosophy of loving yourself, loving others and loving the environment through an environmentally friendly, healthy and responsible approach. We are passionate about natural and Vegan products and have a deep respect for the healing properties of plants and their extracts. We want to be positive change makers through our beliefs and our products.


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