Wash Me Solar

Wash Me Solar
7714 S Scenic Maple Drive
West Jordan UT
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Company Description:

Wash Me Solar is Utah's Original Solar Panel Cleaning and Pigeon/Squirrel Guard installation company, helping 1000's of customers maximize the benefits of their solar systems and protecting their investment. But today, we are so much more!

Wash Me Solar (WMS) has two main areas of focus. Our WMS Home Services team specializes in Solar Panel Cleaning, Pigeon/Squirrel Cleanup, Critter Guard installation, installing Solar Attic Fans, installing Snow Guards, performing Gutter Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Pressure Washing and installing Roof Sealant protection.

Our WMS Energy team focuses on helping customers maximize their energy savings. We offer NEW and "Add On" solar systems, with a special focus on energy efficiency. Products and services include Solar Attic Fans, Attic Insulators, Attic Sealing, Attic Insulation, Battery Backup and Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers.

Whether you are wanting to protect your solar investment with regular cleanings, are having a pigeon problem or are needing to add some additional solar panels because your system isn't producing your energy needs, give our team a call today!

Show Specials:

$150 off a Pest Exclusion, $150 off a Snow Guard solution, 20% off a Biannual Solar Panel Cleaning Subscription for 2024, 20% off on two or more Solar Attic Fans and $500 off a Customized Solar solution.

New Products

We now offer Solar Energy solutions for our customers, specializing in "Add On" systems. If you bought a home with solar that doesn't meet your family's needs OR your system is no longer producing enough power to replace your electricity bill.

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